Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 6 Incubation - Candling Eggs and update on the Silkies

Today at 3:34 started Day 6.  I just couldn't stand the suspense anymore so I candled some eggs.

I first candled the eggs from our chickens since I thought they may/may not be fertile.  Much to my surprise four (4) of the  six (6) eggs from our chickens proved to be fertile and I could clearly see the beginnings of a chick growing.  It was hard for me to get these pictured clearly.  I took one picture earlier and a few more when it was completely dark.  Notice how you can see the "chick" and then veins through the shell.  

I tried candling the darker eggs but they were too dark for me too see what was going on inside.  I took out the 2 eggs that I knew were not fertile and thus not developing.

Also took some new pics of the silkies.  The white one appears to be a silkie and some other breed as it is growing feathers.  Here's the new pics. They sure are cute.  A stinkbug got in their "home" tonight and agitated them.  This stinkbug had their entire attention and it was kinda cute to watch them.

About 2 weeks ago, I was at the library and I got about 3 years worth of "Backyard Chicken" magazine for FREE.  Yeah, I was excited.  We've all been reading them and I have been learning a lot more about chickens.

One question I get from a lot of people is about the chicken eggs.   A lot of people seem to think you need a rooster to get eggs from your hens.  This is simply not true.  Hens will lay eggs with or without a rooster.  However, you do need a rooster to get eggs that are fertile and can be incubated and thus reproduced.  It is perfectly fine to eat infertile or fertile eggs.  I hear that fertile eggs may have a bit more of nutrients but that is nominal.  Honestly, I can't vouch for that 100%.

Can't wait for new chicks! 


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