Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012 - UPDATE

It's been a couple of months since I posted anything that has been going on with my chickens.  So much has been going on and it's been a great & busy summer mostly.

 A hearty and big welcome to another new follower Whittni - *** WELCOME***

I've hatched 2 more batches of baby chicks since April and given them all away but one.  The one is housed with another baby chicken a few weeks older that was given to us.  They are both Leghorns.  I wish I had some pics handy right now but I promise to get some up soon.

I never really followed up on my 1st hatch this year in April.  My enthusiasm was squelched the night before the chicks were due to hatch by finding out about the untimely death of a former boss and friend.  Spent the hatch day at a memorial and with his family.  The whole thing still bothers me.

The next batch of chickens I kept for a few days and hubby took them to work to someone wanting to start with chickens.  Actually both batches have gone to different co-workers.

I put new eggs in the incubator yesterday and will be candling them in about 3-5 days for signs of life.  I hope I get a better hatch rate.  My hatch rate this year has been abysmal compared to last year.  I've only had about 6-8 chicks hatch each time.  I had one batch where the light went out about 2 weeks into the process.  I replaced the light bulb but it had gotten cold in there (73 degrees) so I wasn't expecting much.  One chick hatched and died in my hand 3 days later.  I was pretty bummed about that.

We also got rid of our 2 roosters the other day.  They were getting to be very loud and annoying and our poor hens needed a break badly.  Some of them are missing feathers on certain spots on their backs.  Next time we get roosters we will need to get some chicken aprons maybe?  Anyway, it is MUCH QUIETER.  Very happy about that.  Bob the rooster shown below was from a hatch last year.  He is part silkie/phoenix.  A real looker.  Also real loud.  Bob and the other rooster are now at their new home with lots more hens to keep busy.  

Looking forward to the next hatch and to learning more about my hens.  I do have a question that I am looking for an answer too which is:  Why do my hens constantly push the straw out through the wire????  I cleaned up a bunch the other day and it's annoying.  I tried to put up some cardboard/wood around the perimeter of the coop on the inside and I hope it helps.  

Next time I post will be when I candle the eggs  -  sure to be lots of pics!

Till then........

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