Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Incubation - Day 20

We just started Day 20 around 7:00 PM.

We can see some minor egg movement with four of the chicken eggs.  I marked the picture below:

We came up with a couple of new things we will do for the next incubation.

1.  We will number each and every egg.
2.  Planning on purchasing a UPS for backup in case electricity goes out again.
3.  Weigh each egg before and at least once during the incubation process

Our temperature is hovering around 99-100 degrees.  Humidity is around 59-60%.

On a lighter note, we tried watching the movie Chicken Little with our son.  Got the DVD from the library today. We never got to finish watching it because the DVD kept freezing.  While I LOVE technology I can honestly say I only had a VCR "eat" maybe a few tapes in say 20 years.  In 5 years I've had countless DVD's get beat up by normal kid use.

Hopefully tomorrow brings some news of a new chick.  We have decided to name them all food names.

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