Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicken Little - 1 month old

Today Chicken  Little is officially 1 month old or 28 days to be exact. He/She is now in his own box.  We don't think he is old enough to go out in the coop with the older, much bigger chickens.  He/She is doing well.  We put a mirror in the box with him along with the surrogate mommy chicken stuffed animal.

Chicken Little likes looking in the mirror and keeping company with the other chicken.  Sometimes they are friends and sometimes they fight.  It's cute. We are thinking CL is a boy because of the fast growth.

Look at the picture and leave a comment, what do you think?  Boy or Girl?

CL is going into a much bigger box soon.  CL has grown so much in just the past week and as you can see, almost all of the down is gone, having been replaced by feathers.

We are expecting a new hatch within the next 3 days. Check out the next post for more details!

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