Saturday, February 19, 2011

Splayed leg chicken and how to fix it

We have noticed that one of our chicks has the splayed leg that we have heard so much about but never experienced.

How to help the chick and fix the splay leg?

Well I did a google search and found out a simple band-aid can help.  Cut the band-aid in half lengthwise and place each chick leg at the edge of the white pad and then wrap each end across the chick leg and onto the white pad.  The white pad is the exact length apart the chick's legs needs to be. Here's how the band-aid should look after cutting it.

This chick is on it's second band-aid. The 1st one wore off rather quickly.  Usually they only need one from what I've read but sometimes they need more time.

Here are 2 close-ups of the chick with it's band-aid on.

This chick is walking so much better and should be fine. Who thought the solution could be a simple band-aid.


  1. I just tried this on my Bantam chick! im hoping this works , she can stand with the band aid already

  2. Hi Ashley, hope it is working. It worked great for us, we can't even tell which chicken had the splayed leg at all.

  3. I've just noticed a chick with a splayed leg and am going to try the band aid idea, can anybody tell me how long it needs to be left on for please?

    1. I did about 5 days and that was all that I needed for it to work.

  4. I have heard this works, never tried it before but I will update and tell you if it works for me. 6-2-2013

  5. what if it was untreated for 2 months? Is there any hope?

  6. I'd try the band-aid method for a few days (change as necessary) and see how it works. It couldn't hurt to try. Let me know how it works out. Good Luck!