Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 21 We have some new baby chicks!

Nothing to report yesterday but what a difference a day makes!

We saw our first egg pips later this morning.  Day 22 started at7:00 PM. At about 8:00 PM we had our 1st chick, the 2nd by 9:30 PM and the 3rd by 11:30 PM.

I marked the 1st picture below to show which eggs hatched first.  The red numbers on the eggs show which eggs we had seen moving and the order we had observed movement.

The 1st egg in the process of hatching
The 1st chick right after the hatch!

The 3rd egg hatching was incredible for me.  I was actually able to see that one during the hatch and get it all on film.  I'll be uploading the videos to You Tube.

The first chick's name is Noodle, the 2nd chick's name is Garlic, and the 3rd chick's name is French Fry. I didn't pick out the names.  I get to pick out the name for the white egg which the chicken has pipped through.

Here's a picture of the 1st 2 chicks after the hatching.  

I'm not sure what I will name the next chick to arrive it but it will have a food name.  

Check in tomorrow for new pics, and You Tube information.

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