Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicken Little - The life story of our 1st hatch - Part 2

We were SLOWLY trying to help our chick hatch.  We just kept working on removing the shell without damaging the membrane.  The membrane has blood vessels running all through it.  As the membrane dries out the blood vessels shrivel up as the chick hatches. That my summary of it, I could be stating that incorrectly so don't take it as the gospel truth.

Here's a couple of more pictures of Chicken Little during our "hatching" process.

Right after the picture above, I was able to gently pick up the egg, tilt it, and gently was able to slide the little chick out.  

The chick was still attached to the shell and part of the membrane by it's umbilical cord.

It took the chick a few hours to get to this point where it was standing up.  We removed as much of the shell/membrane as we could.

The people at the chicken forum were so helpful and inquired how the hatch went and how the chick was doing.  The chick was alive but would he stay that way?  That was our new concern.

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