Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicken Little - A new beginning

We named our newborn chick, Chicken Little.  We still don't know if it is a boy or girl.  Chicken Little did not seem to be thriving.  Just laying around alot and not able to stand well.  We added an old stuffed animal for a surrogate mommy chicken.

Hubby decided we need to start feeding the chick.  He added water to the chick food until it was like a gruel consistency and used a twisty tie as a makeshift spoon.

We fed the chick A LOT.  During the day it was about 1-2 hours apart for each feeding, the night time was a bit rougher.  We took turns waking up and feeding the chick throughout the night.

About 3 days later Chicken Little was thriving. CL was also very attached to us and loved to be held.  It was still very small as you can see in the picture below.

We had been keeping the chick in the incubator during this period.  By about the 5-6th day CL had taken to jumping up and down in the window to get our attention.  We found a really little spoon to feed him with the chick was now eating the chick food in a mashed type form.  We put it in a little cup and he/she would greedily eat out the cup and also drink water out of another small cup.

Chicken little is now thriving! Yeah!

So how is Chicken Little after the 1st Month?? Check out then next post and see how he/she has grown.

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